MacAlias v0.1 User's Manual

© Copyright Sky Coyote, October 2002

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MacAlias is a Macintosh native OSX program for curating gene-protein nomenclature databases. MacAlias requires OSX version 10.1.5 to run. MacAlias allows you to read medical literature abstracts in plaintext or embedded-markup format, and to create and edit a set of notes for each abstract. You can read protein and gene symbol/name database files ('aliases'), and files which link protein and gene symbols together. You can search for proteins and genes from text contained in abstracts, or from user-entered strings. You can see which proteins or genes have multiple symbols and entries in the database. Finally, you can edit the database of protein symbols and names, and save it to another file for further use. This allows you to continually update, or 'curate', databases of protein symbols and names based on new medical abstracts appearing in the literature, or to maintain separate databases based on taxonomy, medical function, or any other criterion.


  1. Abstracts window
  2. Notes window
  3. Proteins window
  4. Genes window
  5. Saving and restoring sessions
  6. File formats