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Introducing MacWavelets v2.00

MacWavelets v2.00 is an inexpensive, simple, standalone, Macintosh program for performing 1d and 2d discrete wavelet transforms and associated analyses. Version 2.00 of the MacWavelets software includes the 2-d discrete wavelet transform, its inverse, and all associated compression, denoising, and other functions. With MacWavelets v2.00 you can:

All program operations are available from the standard Macintosh user interface, including windows, menus, and dialogs. No programming or scripting is required.

MacWavelets v2.00 is currently available for downloading.

On-line User's Manual

The complete MacWavelets v2.00 User's Manual is available on-line. Browse through this manual to get an idea of the capabilities of this program, and its ease of operation, before you download the software.

Download the MacWavelets v2.00 Software

Click to download any of the following files:

These files are binhex-encoded self-extracting archives. Once downloaded, decode the .hqx file (I use Stuffit) and then double-click on the .sea archive to expand it.

For some reason, you may need to copy the .sea file from one folder to another before it will open as a double-clickable application. Don't ask me why, just try this if you get the "Can't open this document etc..." message from the Finder.

Unfortunately, this site is limited to 200 Mb of downloading per day. You may get a message saying that the site has exceeded its limit for the day. If you get this message, or cannot access the file, please try downloading again tomorrow.

License the Software

The initially downloaded MacWavelets v2.00 software is for individual evaluation purposes only. It cannot save files, print, or export data, as these features are disabled. To unlock these features, you must license the software. You can purchase a single-user license and unlocking code for the v2.00 software for $25 (includes free upgrade to v2.10 license). See section 1.5 Security and Licensing of the on-line User's Manual for more information.

Internet Mailing List

There is an Internet mailing list which is devoted to the MacWavelets software and its users. To receive updates concerning the software, to ask questions about the software, and to share information and examples with other users, you can subscribe to this mailing list.

To subscribe, send an email message to The message should consist of no subject, and only the line:

Please make sure your mailing program doesn't insert additional lines (e.g. siglines) after this line. You will be sent a comfirmation message, to which you must reply, before you will receive posts on this list.

Additional Wavelets Resources

Here are some on-line sites for more information about wavelets. These sites typically contain links to many many many more wavelet sites.

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