EEG Control of Robotics Project

I'm currently working on a way to use EEG signals to control not only small robots like toy cars and other rovers, but also larger devices such as motorized wheelchairs and other prosthetics, or even larger devices such as spacecraft. This would be beneficial not only to people with disabilities, but also to anyone who needs to remotely control complex or dangerous mechanical devices using only the cognitive ability of the brain, without a bunch of complicated manual controls.

The electronics and software described above have been used to provide EEG input to a simulated robot. Software in the robot program can train on, and classify, EEG input as recognizable control signals, such as 'turn left' and 'turn right'. This hardware and software will next be used to control an actual robot.

I'm creating a custom radio-controlled robot rover to interface to the EEG hardware and software. This robot uses the Atmel AVR line of microcontroller chips, and receives commands from and sends data back to the Mac via a wireless serial link.

The completed box detached from the wheels and upside down to show interior:

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