SCToolkit: Scientist's Component Toolkit for Apple iPad

Updated April 2013

SCToolkit (Scientist's Component Toolkit) for the Apple iPad is a simple construction set for creating math, science, and educational applications using a small set of built-in components that perform various operations (input, processing, display, etc...) on data objects (currently 0-2 dimensional numerical values) that "flow" between them. So, this is yet another "box-and-wire" construction set, but for math/science and the iPad. There was a Mac Classic SCT project many years ago, and the link to that page is below.

However, this is a completely new project, written in ObjC and Cocoa for iOS. But, due to Apple's limitations on iOS apps, SCToolkit is not dynamic: all component code is statically compiled into the app. Nevertheless, I think that SCToolkit could work out OK on this platform. Currently this is a free experimental app, to see if there is any user interest. If so, I may devise a way for other developers to create and test components on their own devices, and then send the working code to me for inclusion in the next release.

The links below show screenshots of the app in use, all of the help screens, bug reports, and interesting examples sent in by other users.

SCToolkit is now available from the Apple iTunes store:
Other links:
For more info, or to send interesting examples or bug reports, please email:

Stay tuned to this page for more SCToolkit updates!

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