Tartarus: The hundred worlds of Saturn

October-November 2013

This website shows current work on the Tartarus project. This is an attempt to simulate the Saturn system and some of its 150+ moons using n-body code written in Javascript. One of the goals is to find zero-energy or low-energy paths for a spacecraft going from orbit of moon to moon using the L1 and L2 Lagrange points of each moon. Everything has been tested in the latest Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on Mac OS 10.6.8 and 10.8.5. Chrome is best for overall performance. Please note that no other browsers have been tested, including any on Windows or any mobile device. Good luck!

The name for this site: "Tartarus: The hundred worlds of Saturn" is from a series of science fiction stories by author A. R. Stone which are set in the Saturn system. The image of Saturn in eclipse is from the Cassini orbiter several years ago.

Links to content:
  1. Elliptical Orbit Demonstration : This demonstrates a fixed elliptical orbit and the scalar and vector values that define it. Be sure to read the help screen.

  2. The Main Saturn System Simulation : This simulates the orbits of Saturn and 24 of its moons. Currently this is a fixed simulation, using the J2000 orbital elements, but without precessing the node or periapsis angles. Eventually, the positions and orbital elements will be changing with time and will be obtained from the JPL Horizons ephemeris.

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