TetraMagika: The four-fold way of magic

September 2013

This website shows some of the animations and content of the TetraMagika iPad app. Therefore, most of the samples are shown in a 1024x768 or 768x768 area (the resolution of the iPad2). Everything has been tested in the latest Firefox, Chrome, and Safari on Mac OS 10.6.8 and 10.8.4. Chrome is best for overall performance. Please note that no other browsers have been tested, including any on Windows. Good luck!

You can go through everything by starting with the title animation, which is about 20 seconds long, and leads into all the other animations. However, you can also access everything independently and directly from the links below. If you find the animations being slow or unresponsive (especially the center animation in Safari), try quitting the browser and then reloading the page.

Links to content:
  1. The Main Title Animation : This may take 10-15 seconds to load before starting. Click in the animation to stop it. Reload the page to start it again.
  2. The Main Screen : Access to all content (Astra, Info, About, Rings, Potions, Spells, Charms, Treasure), and to the Gates. Click the "Ask Me" button for help. There is help available for some screens.
  3. Astra : The Astra content screens and riddles.
  4. Info : How to play the game.
  5. About : About the game, the magic, and us.
  6. Rings : The Rings content screens and tests.
  7. Potions : The Potions content screens and tests.
  8. Spells : The Spells content screens and tests.
  9. Charms : The Charms content screens and tests.
  10. Treasure : The Treasure Chest containing the rings, spells, potions, and charms you have won, and your scores for all the tests. These tokens and scores accumulate over multiple sessions playing the game. Clear your browser data to delete all tokens and scores and start again.
  11. The Gates : The riddle-based entrances to the maze.
  12. The Maze : Traversing the maze and landscape from the periphery to the center.
  13. The Maze Center Animation : This is what you see when you get to the center of the maze. I suspect that, so far, only Anne & I have seen this animation! It's slightly different every time you load the page. Tap in the display to start the animation.
  14. The other Maze animation : This animation (or something like it) appeared briefly in the pad app whenever you moved location in the maze. It's not connected to any other pages here, but is included just for fun.

And finally, a link to TetraMagika at the iTunes store.

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