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I'm currently working for a publishing company editing fantasy and science fiction books, managing their website and online sales, and writing a tarot card game for the web in Javascript. Otherwise, in my copious spare time, I'm working on a science project in Quantum Optical Computation. This involves creating software for Linux in C, Javascript, PHP, and Python, and performing experiments using laser optics, diffraction, and interference.

Less new:

I've been programming since 1976. Since then, I've done freelance scientific, engineering, technical, and business programming for the Macintosh, for Unix, and for the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, primarily in ObjectiveC/C/C++, Python, and Java. I've also done web programming in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and server programming in PHP, Python, and C. My strengths include graphics and animation, custom user interfaces, wireless networking and server programming, and other technical programming which makes use of my extensive background in math and science. I have a reputation for accurate planning and scheduling of projects, and for getting the job done for a reasonable price in the time allotted.

I received a BA from Cornell University in 1984 in an independent major program which concentrated on math, physics, biology, and computer science. While at Cornell, I did computer simulation research in the biological and space sciences, and have had my work published in Scientific American (twice), Science News, American Scientist, Planetary and Space Science, Icarus, and several other professional journals.

My past work experience includes collaboration with NASA to process Viking and Mariner photographs of Mars, the creation of several scientific data acquisition systems for Macintosh, Unix, and other systems, and work on the Macintosh simulation products Stella, iThink, and Interactive Physics. During the mid-1990's, I worked for Apple's Advanced Technology Group on component science software (Scientist's Workbench). I've been doing web development work since 1995, and wrote a column on CGI programming in C for MacSciTech magazine.

Since then, I've done freelance programming work for many software companies, laboratories, universities, and space agencies across the country and around the world (from Norway to New Zealand). I have also created free science software for the Macintosh, including the "Galactomatic-1000" data analysis and visualization program, the "MacWavelets" wavelet analysis program, and the "MacDAQ" data acquisition and signal analysis program, among others.

Recent work consists of developing technical and other software (both stand-alone and web-based applications) for Unix on the Macintosh (OSX) and the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices, for astronomy, bioinformatics, engineering, geomorphology, math, physics, and other sciences in ObjC/C/C++, Python, and Java. Recently completed paid projects were in the fields of remote Earth sensing (satellite image processing), planetary astronomy (telescope image processing and cloud-motion studies of Venus), bioinformatics (3d alignment of protein structure), geomorphology (simulations of river evolution, calculations of river valley sedimentation, and simulation of volcano debris flows), business networking, medical graphics, and animated children's games. Additional interests include the construction and programming of microcontroller-based data acquisition and robotics hardware and software.

Currently I do web work primarily in Javascript, and for Apache in PHP and C, and continue to work on several interesting projects in math and science. I am also a practicing lay Buddhist, trained in the Kagyu tradition of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the Soto Zen tradition of Shunryū Suzuki Roshi at Karma Dzong, Chautauqua Retreat, and Naropa University in Boulder, CO. I also do yoga.

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