Classy: Simple Object-Oriented Programming in C for Gtk and Cocoa
2 Dec 2018

C with classes?
Classes for C?

Classy is a very simple methodology for constructing object-oriented multi-window programs in C for use with Gtk/Linux and Cocoa/Mac. Classy is a how, not a what. It is a procedure, not a toolkit, although it does provide common classes for basic objects and multiple platforms.

Classy implies, but does not impose, a standard format for writing C code, from a basic Obj type through the most complicated App type. Objects have well-defined life-cycles that go from allocation and initialization through encapsulated use to controlled cleanup and deletion. From the top level down, most programs look the same, differing only in the details of the methods that are called. Programs can be written in a platform-specific way, using particular files for user interface and graphics, or in a platform-independent way using a common programming interface that automatically generates minimal platform-specific code.

Main points:

Classy contains several step-by-step examples of creating simple programs with windows.

And then creating editable content within those windows.

And multiple objects with creation, editing, and deletion.

A simple and yet detailed multi-window graphics program can be created for multiple platforms using a single code-base.

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More complicated programs that actually do something can also be created.

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In general, program look and operation on both platforms are identical.

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Here is a link to a network computing program written using Classy.

Classy may become available as a Kindle book and code archive in early 2019.

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