Client-Side CGI

Client-Side CGI (CSCGI) is a new technology which allows a web browser (such as Netscape), HTML and Javascript pages, Java applets, and external application programs (e.g. written in C) to interact and exchange real-time data on a local computer, without the use of a web server or Internet connection. This technology makes use of plugins to route requests and data between the browser and external programs, allowing the browser to be used as a front-end for databases, graphics, search engines, and other computational programs. CSCGI is available for the Macintosh, Linux, and Windows.

White paper: Using Client-Side CGI to Implement a PDS Search and Display System.

Sept 1999 NASA AIS talk: Client-Side CGI: A new technology.

Sept 2000 NASA AIS talk: CSCGI Project Wrap-up.

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