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(Figure: Earth-Moon orbital Lagrange surface)

The Galactomatic-1000® Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization product for the Macintosh is a simple, easy to use, yet powerful application for analyzing a wide variety of scientific data. A point-and-click interface allows users to create 1, 2, and 3-d line and scatter plots, 2 and 3-d vector fields, contours and surfaces, tables and images. Data can be imported and exported in either text or binary formats. Calculations can be performed on 0, 1, and 2-d data from an infix equation parser with built-in functions for basic math, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, vector and matrix operations, image processing, and linear and nonlinear curve and surface fitting. Sliders can be used to interactively vary equation parameters and to create animations.

The Galactomatic-1000 software is designed to be a simple, intuitive, easy-to-use application for perfoming a wide variety of basic scientific data analysis and visualization operations. The software makes extensive use of the standard Macintosh user interface, including point-and-click access to palettes, menus, dialogs, controls, and other graphics. No scripting, programming, or knowledge of computer languages is required. The software provides five basic areas of functionality:

  1. Numeric data import and export, in text and binary formats.

  2. Graphical display of data, using meters, tables, 1, 2, and 3-d line and scatter plots, 2 and 3-d vector plots, 3-d surface plots, contours, and images.

  3. Mathematical manipulation of data through the use of a vectorized infix equation parser.

  4. Interactive variation of equation paramters in real-time through the use of numeric fields, sliders, and animation.

  5. Access to a wide variety of mathematical functions, including basic math, trigonometry, calculus and matrix operations, statistics and curve and surface fitting, and data manipulation.
With Galactomatic-1000 you can quickly and easily see and manipulate your data without enduring the learning curve necessary using large and expensive Macintosh data reduction packages.

Galactomatic-1000 is designed to provide all of your basic visualization and manipulation needs from its menus, palettes, and dialogs only. We have provided the kind of functions, procedures, statistics, and modeling that scientists most commonly use in their day-to-day work. And if the function or equation you want to use isn't available, you can use the Equation Builder to create one of your own. All data manipulations, datasets, and visualizations are stored with your document so that, months and years later, you can return to your data-analysis to remember and modify your work.

Galactomatic-1000 is designed for professionals and hobbyists alike. This compact, intuitive program may become your first choice for that quick-and- dirty calculation and analysis with the stream of numbers that you just acquired from your colleague. Or, if you are intrigued by that dataset that you downloaded from the Internet yesterday, this program will help you answer "what-if" questions and visualize the data from perspectives that weren't immediately obvious.

We see scientists typically doing a few, key, things with their data (click each for more info):

Our philosophy is to provide these key capabilities in the Galactomatic-1000.

Examples of using the software.

Manipulation of 2d data as surfaces, images, contours:

Dynamical simulation & chaos:

Vector flows:

Electricity & magnetism:


Parametric analysis:

Non-linear curve & surface fitting:

Fourier analysis:

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