Sky Coyote's Résumé
updated: July 2019



June 2014--present: Sygkrafeas Publishing, Eugene, OR.

June 2014--present: Self-employed, everywhere.

iPhone, mobile, and other web work (for more science work, please see below):

August 2012--August 2014: Knowledge Quest LLC, Portland, OR.

March--December 2012: Colorado Card LLC, Louisville, CO.

February--June 2012: Knowledge Quest LLC, Portland, OR.

February 2011--January 2012: R&D Innovations LLC, Youngstown, OH.

May 2011--April 2013: Kid Games Interactive LLC, Brooklyn, NY.

May 2011: MicroSeconds Consulting, San Diego, CA.

January 2010--April 2011: Notify Technology Corp., Canfield, OH.

May--August 2010: Kid Games Interactive LLC, Brooklyn, NY.

January--April 2010: KneeBouncers LLC, Sykesville, MD.

Science work:

February 2008--December 2009: Dept. of Geosciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

April 2003--December 2007: Southwest Research Institute/NASA, San Antonio, TX.

March 2007--September 2007: Biomatters Inc., Auckland, New Zealand.

October 2003--December 2006: FerMac Inc., Knoxville, TN.

March 2003--April 2003: Pharmix, Inc., Redwood City, CA.

November 2002--March 2003: University of Tennessee Dept. of Physics/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Knoxville, TN.

October 2001--October 2002: PubGene AS, Oslo, Norway.

January 1999--May 2002: Intergalactic Reality, Boulder CO.

June 2001--July 2001: The Boulder Art Gallery, Boulder CO.

November 1997--December 2000: Southwest Research Institute/NASA, San Antonio, TX.

April 1999--September 2000: IBVA Technologies, Inc., Darien, CT.

July 1998--April 1999: Anne Stone Images, Boulder, CO.

February 1998--March 1999: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN.

April 1998--December 1998: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, New York.

August 1997--April 1998: Institute of Higher Sciences, Palo Alto CA.

May 1997--September 1997: Synergy Software, Inc., Reading PA.

October 1996--September 1997: Lucidity Institute, Inc., Palo Alto CA.

October 1995--January 1997: Institute for Decision Systems Research, Los Altos CA.

September 1995--January 1997: Lumina Decision Systems, Los Altos CA.

June 1995--June 1996: Science and Engineering Network Newsletter, Worcester MA.

October 1993--May 1996: Intergalactic Reality, Palo Alto CA.

July 1995--December 1995: Macintosh Scientific Technical Users' Association, Worcester MA.

October 1994--April 1995: Greenleaf Medical Systems, Inc., Palo Alto CA.

June 1992--December 1993: Advanced Technology Group, Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino CA.

December 1991--June 1992: SciMaTech, Inc., Mountain View CA.

March 1991--September 1991: Knowledge Revolution, Inc., San Francisco CA.

September 1988--February 1991: High Performance Systems, Inc., Hanover NH.

July 1987--August 1988: Creare Engineering R&D, Inc., Hanover NH.

June 1982--May 1987: Department of Biology, Cornell University, Ithaca NY.

June 1981--August 1981: NASA Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility, Ithaca NY.

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